ATS Empowers Manufacturing Industry with its Workforce Management Artificial Intelligence Tool

ATS a leading provider of Workforce Management Solutions (WFM), for mid and large-scale organizations, today, announced a new version its artificial intelligence based for the manufacturing industry. This new Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool for Manufacturing is powered by ATS robust Cloud Workforce Management Solution.  By utilizing this advanced data science and machine learning tool, manufacturing companies will learn how to react, learn and adapt in real-time based on historical data and Internet of Things (IoT) data.

ATS Artificial Intelligence (AI) is offered as a separate module within the Workforce Management Software suite of applications and delivers immediate impact, eliminates the need for more data integration or other costly and time-consuming processes and, propels business growth.

ATS Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing includes:

Faster Decision Making: ATS Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered capabilities help enable smarter decision making by delivering the most relevant, data in real-time for each location, branch or region at scale.

Intuitive and Adaptable: Your data is constantly being updated, which means your Artificial Intelligence tools will be too – much faster than humans can currently develop them. This lets you quickly discover and process new insights to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions.

Business Acceleration and Better Outcomes:  ATS Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to eliminate human error, improve the quality of outputs, and bolster workforce productivity – a must for growing organizations and that need to comply with workforce regulations. ATS Artificial Intelligence (AI) workforce management solution processes faster overall workflows, so manufacturers can optimize business operations while lowering, total cost of ownership (TCO).


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